Friday, 19 July 2013

# TheCharcoalChallenge

I recently did an amazing family BBQ thanks to money supermarket! I entered the competition and was given £50 to spend here is what we got up to.......

I decided to have the BBQ at my nan & grandads, we have a big family and nan & grandad's house is where we all gather! Luckily they have a piece of land at the side of the house and it was the perfect place. We got ahead on setting up the table and chairs, lighting the BBQ, getting out the water slide and filling up the pool!

Then we started on the food, yum! First we had pizza with nibbles (breadsticks/doritos with dips) and two racks of ribs.

Finally we had burgers and hotdogs!

Oh and I burnt a flatbread (oops) but it was not wasted as my little sister started using it as a frisbee!

Me and my boyfriend Chris 

 Nana & grandad, love them to bits.

Grandad not looking impressed with his three daughters haha

My little sister showing how much she loves grandad!

Another of me and my boyfriend!

Nana enjoying her lemonade

My cutie-pie of a nephew (eating the crust off his pizza, does that count?)

My sister with her home-made lemonade

Grandad (Mr Fosters), he's 71 and still won't fully retire he had just finished a decorating job so I surprised him with his favourite beer and we blasted the irish music for him.

This BBQ was an absolute perfect day for me and my family, thank you money supermarket! We enjoyed just being able to spend time together, we danced, we laughed and my grandad said please can we do this every week!


  1. Hi, Hannah! It looks like everyone had a great time. I love cookouts and the food looks "scrummy." Isn't that the word widely used in the UK? :) Is it still so hot over there or did the heat wave finally subside?

    Dear Hannah, I just now discovered your reply to my comment on your previous post. If you'll go back to that post you will see that I supplied you with the info you requested. Have a wonderful weekend, Hannah!

    1. Haha yes! Today the weather has gone a bit cooler but still warm. Thankyou for letting me know about the blogpost

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