Saturday, 26 November 2011

Charity shop finds

I haven't really been on here mainly because i just don't have the time! But i am going to try and post all my charity shop purchases here we go, i went to a charity shop in Bolton and found this granny skirt:
I love it! And unbelievably it cost me 70p!

I also found some black kitten heels:

they were 99p!

glittery shirt

I think it was two pound haha

Black jumper with back ripped

and my mahoosive bum lols, the jumper was two pound also.

Finally i bought a black oversized shirt but added the studs myself

Thats everything i think, hope you enjoyed! :]

Three year anniversary !

Mine and Chris' three year anniversary was on the 20th of November, i cannot believe we've been together for three whole years, it feels amazing and i'm just so lucky i have him. I made him an anniversary cake!
How yummy does that look! Kinda proud as this was the first cake i ever made haha. Then i added letters :]

He really liked it :') He took me out for the day, it was so perfect! I had no idea where we were going and then i saw a sign for Chatsworth House i actually wanted to cry because i've wanted to go there since i was little! We went around the house, in the gardens and through the grounds it was just the perfect setting and i felt even more in love with him <3 Then we set off and he took me to Frankie and Bennies yummm!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Charity shopping with mum

My mum picked me up from college today and took me to some charity shops :] heres what i got-
Purple boots 2.99!

Denim ribbon, shield, bird cage earring 50p each, bargain!

                                                          Scarf 99p

DIY studded denim jacket

I decided to spruce up my denim jacket by adding studs heres how i did it:

You will need- a heavy object to push the stud prongs down ( i used scissors ) and studs ( i ordered 100 pyramid studs off ebay 10mm in size).

First i took my denim jacket-

Then i got a single stud and pushed it through the denim and pushed the prongs down on the other side with my scissors-

Here are my results-

Hope you enjoyed it!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Denim Jacket

I got this denim jacket from a charity shop in Bolton for 2.50! I decided to spruce it up a bit and this is what i've done so far
I've used black velvet from my local market to make a cross and just embroidered it in, my boyfriend ordered me some pyramid studs off ebay so they shall be added soon!

Right, so this is the first time i've ever used blogspot, i don't really know what to do ha so if people would help me that would be great!