Friday, 21 June 2013

Hoghton Tower, Lancashire Classic Car and Motorcycle Show!

I've been a volunteer at Hoghton Tower since the end of March this year and I'm currently training to be a tour guide. This Sunday 23rd June from 10am to 4pm is the Lancashire classic car and motorcycle show at Hoghton Tower. I'm so excited to see all the vintage cars and I've decided to dress up for the occasion too! If you are in the area pop in and see all the lovely cars and go on a tour of the beautiful Hoghton Tower (you might see me!).

Any suggestions of what I could wear?

1940's land girl or....

Glamorous 1940's girl?

*The last two pictures are from, a lovely lady I follow on tumblr.


  1. thankyou for following my blog sweet pea! wooo same interests! loveeee xxxx

  2. You're welcome! You're blog is lovely xxxxx

  3. Hi, Hannah! First, I would like to belatedly wish you a happy birthday. Secondly, I saw your blog named for a Liebster Award by Lucy in the Sky and thought I'd drop over for a visit and introduce myself. Congratulations on receiving the award. I can clearly see why your blog was named for this honor. The pictures are top notch and I admire your devotion to vintage.

    Third, I have clicked to follow your excellent blog and hope this mandate encourages you to continue posting.

    I grew up in the 1950s and 60s in Pennsylvania, USA. My blog is a celebration of the best music and memories from those years along with occasional posts about more recent decades. I would very much appreciate it if you would come over and have a look around. If you decide to follow me, I will warmly welcome you as a new friend. Thank you very much, Hannah, and enjoy the rest of your day and week!

    1. Hi :) thankyou! Please could you send me a link to the blog you found mine on? Thankyou for following me, I hope you enjoy it. That's lovely I will have a look around :)

    2. Hi, Hannah! Forgive me for being so late with your answer. I just now discovered that you replied to my comment. Your blog was given the Liebster Award by Lucy in the Sky at The Carnabetian Army. The URL for that post is here:

      I am celebrating my 5 year blog anniversary tomorrow, Saturday, July 20, and I would like nothing better than to have you come over and join the party and perhaps even become a new follower. I promise you a warm welcome and I look forward to getting acquainted with you and becoming friends. Thank you very much, Hannah, and enjoy your weekend!