Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I've recently really wanted to wear pink and have flowers in my hair! I am also after a wicker boater hat! Here a few pictures which are really inspiring me at the minute...

The bright young twins of course! They are both beautiful women and never cease to inspire me

I love this yellow dress with the wicker hat and sunglasses.
These pastel shades of pink are lovely!

This peach jumper and floral dress underneath so cute

Edwardian dress and hat, love this!

Hair accessories!

Random things that are inspiring me right now, i'm also doing my final project at college and its Marie Antoinette themed, i'm also drawing inspiration from sense and sensibility and miss havisham.

Monday, 12 March 2012

By Gone Times

On saturday me and my dad went for a little trip out to Eccleston to By Gone times, an antiques and vintage warehouse. It's the first time we've ever been and it was amazing! There were so many stalls i don't think we managed to look at them all properly even though we were there for over three hours haha!

Outfit -
Dress from Primark, 5 pound!
I also changed my make-up and didn't wear red lipstick, i wore purple.

I really liked this picnic basket, i'm now on the hunt for one!

Hello there!

WWII army uniform

This lovely was ontop of the cash register!

Another woman on the roof, me and dad found this pretty hilarious.

My eyes went big when i saw this stall, however i didn't find anything :{

Victorian chair with new fabric, such a good idea!

childrens push car, aww so beautiful!

This is such a relevant saying to me, i love the King!

I wanted this purse so much, hopefully i'll be able to get it next weekend!

I need this for my flat!

WWII display room, the feeling in this room was incredible, I really did not want to leave.

lovely 50's stall, nice little bits of 50's tableware (sorry for the bad quality!)

My dad having a mooch around hunting for the records!

Much love,