Sunday, 18 August 2013

House wish list!

On tuesday 27th me and my boyfriend move into our house, here is a wish list of all the thing I want.

Tesco wicker drawers for the bathroom £20 - Wicker draws

Dunelm Mill wicker washing basket £19.99 - Wicker Washing Basket

Love this bed cover! Tesco £12 - Bed cover

Patchwork blanket Tesco £15.47 -Patchwork Blanket

How cute is this little one? I need six cushions but can't decide a theme! Tesco £8.00 - Pug cushion

Ever since I watched The Princess Diaries I've always wanted a hanging basket for my fruit and finally found one! 

Tesco £9.95 - Fruit Hanging Basket

Bunting! £3.99 Dunelm Mill -Bunting

Measuring spoons £9.42 Tesco - Measuring Spoons

And lots more!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Pastry Pizza!

Sweet chilli chicken pastry pizza, you will need sweet chilli sauce, pastry, cheese, one pepper, chicken!

roll the pastry out and score near the edges to make a square (this creates the crust)

Chop the pepper

When the pastry has been cooked spread on sweet chilli sauce

Fry the chicken

Add the chicken, peppers and cheese and pop in the oven until the cheese has melted


Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I've just finished watching Vikings on the History channel, has anyone else watched it? Because you should! I've fallen in love with Ragnor Lodbrok.

Isn't he beautiful?!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Thrifty living!

I've recently had a bit of an epiphany, after quitting University in January I have had a bit of a life change. I started University in September last year and used it as a form of escape, I spent my student finance frivolously and when I quit (the course was not for me) I was left in debt and had to go on job seekers allowance. I felt so low and ashamed that not only did I quit my education I was un-employed and in debt. Living on £56 a week is horrible and it's forced me to make better decisions when it comes to finances.

I struggled for a long time and I was to stubborn to ask for help. However I re-applied for University and will be studying History, Museums and Heritage in September. My mum has been my rock through all these ups and downs and has given me amazing advice that I will always follow.

I have now moved into my dads flat with my boyfriend and it's given me the opportunity to start living thrifty. I've been inspired by a lot of things and people lately (I will give details of links at the bottom).

Firstly I have started meal planning and making a list before we go food shopping, we've also decided to only spend £20 a week on food each, we shop at Aldi and it never comes over £40 hoorah! I always search the internet for cheap recipes and how to make my food last before we go shopping. I've also started using a spreadsheet to log all my spending. I love charity shops and car boots so I'm trying to only use them as a source for new clothes and accesories. Also I'm checking thrifty blogs, my main inspiration is and watching SuperScrimpers I love it! Lastly I'm always checking sites such as and

I'd love to hear how everyone else does thrifty living and any advice on how to be more thrifty?


*Image created by my lovely boyfriend!

Friday, 19 July 2013

# TheCharcoalChallenge

I recently did an amazing family BBQ thanks to money supermarket! I entered the competition and was given £50 to spend here is what we got up to.......

I decided to have the BBQ at my nan & grandads, we have a big family and nan & grandad's house is where we all gather! Luckily they have a piece of land at the side of the house and it was the perfect place. We got ahead on setting up the table and chairs, lighting the BBQ, getting out the water slide and filling up the pool!

Then we started on the food, yum! First we had pizza with nibbles (breadsticks/doritos with dips) and two racks of ribs.

Finally we had burgers and hotdogs!

Oh and I burnt a flatbread (oops) but it was not wasted as my little sister started using it as a frisbee!

Me and my boyfriend Chris 

 Nana & grandad, love them to bits.

Grandad not looking impressed with his three daughters haha

My little sister showing how much she loves grandad!

Another of me and my boyfriend!

Nana enjoying her lemonade

My cutie-pie of a nephew (eating the crust off his pizza, does that count?)

My sister with her home-made lemonade

Grandad (Mr Fosters), he's 71 and still won't fully retire he had just finished a decorating job so I surprised him with his favourite beer and we blasted the irish music for him.

This BBQ was an absolute perfect day for me and my family, thank you money supermarket! We enjoyed just being able to spend time together, we danced, we laughed and my grandad said please can we do this every week!