Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My obsession with vintage

Seeing as i'm online i might aswell do another post. I've always been obsessed with anything pre- 1950s, anything old has a past and a story to tell, this is what has always attracted me to the vintage style. Especially the 1940's fashion and the burlesque scene, one of my main idols is Dita Von Teese, she made me realise that i am a woman and it is my duty to look respectable at all times for my own self esteem and self respect. I've found that wearing good lingerie everyday is the basic essential for being a woman. The 1940 women were homemakers and workers and yet they still seemed to uphold looking amazing every single day. Women from the 1940's inspire me, i want to uphold their standards and i want to look my best when possible so this is the start of my journey in a sense haha! Also i've been collecting bits and bobs, clothes etc from charity shops and barn sales for a while and i thought i should share with everyone my vintage finds that reside in my bedroom.

Storage boxes i got last Christmas off my mum, with five eighteenth century women decorated on it. The boxes are from a furniture store that is absolute perfection, check the website out!

This handsome man was from a charity shop, i think one pound.

This absolute beauty was a gift from my dad when he went to Japan. It's by a designer called Sandy Wu.

My mums wedding earrings by Elizabeth duke, she gave them me and i intend to get the missing diamonds fixed!

Jewellery box i got from a barn sale, two pound!

This originally was my nanna's bed linen box but she gave it to me. When i first got it it was yellow from all the years of smoke that had stained it and the top material of the lids were horrid faided flowers. I spruced it up by painting it white and buying an angel material from my local market, stapled the material on, cut all the trimmings off and stuck it down with bostik all purpose glue, voila!

My bookcase, I think i've had this either since i was born or when i was about two.

Vintage suitcase my mum bought me from a charity shop, one pound! From L-R, pink kitten heels were a christmas present from my auntie, bought from Peacocks. Brown heels from a charity shop, can't remember the price haha. Beige heels, mum gave me.

Dressing table mirror my nanna gave me. Cameo box, a present from my mum. White candle holder from B&M bargains. I also draw and paint alot (obviously because i'm an art student haha) so i've used an old see through jar and old gardening bucket to hold my paint brushes mixed with old flowers (i hate chucking away flowers but i've learnt to only keep the ones that my boyfriend has bought me) and pens, pencil crayons, scissors etc.

'Landlords story' by FMBennet (Frank Moss Bennet). I picked this gorgeous painting up from a charity shop i think for three pound, i love castles so i snapped this up pretty quick.

I have always wanted this poster and i finally got it from Lytham St Annes WWII weekend. My boyfriend bought it for me :) check the website out for info about the WWII weekend, i reccomend to anyone who is interested in the war and anything from the 40's!

This is a drawing of an Edwardian woman i drew when i was sixteen.

Pearls from a charity shop.

Christmas present off my mum last year from past times, all of their gifts are unique and you'll never find them anywhere else. Check their website out

Thats all for now, hope you liked it,
Hannah x

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